2K reveals tons of new info about WWE 2K16

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Let’s just get this out of the way. I hated WWE 2K15. I appreciated what 2K was trying to do but almost all of it for me fell flat. I was also extremely upset about all of the missing features that were in previous WWE games. I was hoping that WWE 2K16 would bring some of these back and 2K has done all of that and then some. Long story short, I am extremely excited about WWE 2K16 right now. 

2K revealed all of the additions to this years game and the list is massive. Let’s run them down. 

Gameplay Improvements

  • Probably the biggest update are the new gameplay elements. The striking and grappling controls have been changed and new attack positions, such as seated, have been added. New animations and attacks have also been added when you are fighting on the outside of the ring. 
  • There is also a new reversal system this year. This time around, you only have a certain number of reversals available. Once they are gone, you need to wait to build more up. You can also spend two reversal icons to perform a major reversal. They are harder to perform but will heavily weaken the opponent if pulled off correctly. 
  • A new pin system has been added. When an opponent kicks out, a wrestler will react to near falls in different ways. New dirty pins and rope breaks have also been added, but just like actual wrestling, the referee may or may not see those. They also added a new submission system as well. The chain wrestling system has also been improved and there are also new working holds which allow you to regain stamina. 
  • The AI has been improved not just for the wrestlers, but for the managers and referees as well. Improvements to certain match types including Tag Team matches have been improved as well.
  • Dynamic Entrances. You are now able to take control of wrestlers during entrances. There are no loading screens between entrances now so if you want to attack the opponent before they get to the ring, go right ahead. 

Creation Suite Improvements

  • Next up is probably my favorite announcement yet. The creation suite is bringing back a lot of the modes that were removed last year and one of the reasons why I strongly disliked WWE 2K15. Returning this year is Create a Diva, Create a Championship, Create an Arena and Create a Show. Create a Wrestler, Create and Entrance have gotten an overhaul and they also mention that Superstar Studio and Community Creations have been improved as well. The interesting create mode they mention there is Create a Show. WWE Universe mode has allowed you to create shows for years so this might be a new feature.
  • I wonder if it will simply let you create a card and play it out. If this is the case, I hope they bring back the rating system. Stone Cold vs. Triple H in a falls count anywhere match was the only 5 star match I had been able to put together in Smackdown 2: Know Your Role. 

Game Mode Updates

  • WWE Universe Mode will also be making a return and will bring improvements to stories, rivals and match card selection. For the first time, wrestlers can be assigned to multiple shows. 
  • My Career returns and will see players go from NXT, to WWE and now, the Hall of Fame. Players can now train, give interviews, interfere with rivals or form a tag team. 

Overall Enhancements

  • WWE 2K16 is getting a new commentary team. For years it has been Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. In WWE 2K16, JBL will be joining the desk. Thousands of new lines have also been recorded. 
  • As I mentioned before, loading screens are now gone between entrances but they are also gone at the start of matches as well. The camera will now pan over the arena and over to the commentary team. 
  • Finally, thousands of new animations and appearances have been updated. 

In the words of Ron Simmons… DAMN! This all sounds amazing. I was expecting a couple of updates but 2K really went all out this year. WWE 2K16 wasn’t even on my radar but now it might be one of my most anticipated games of the year. 



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