30 Days of Rocksmith: Day 11 — The Loneliest Soloist

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[I’m learning to play the guitar by committing to 30 Days of Rocksmith. Here’s how I got started.]

In all my years as a saxophonist, I held onto 1st chair. “1st chair” is the order you sit in band. Your top player is 1st chair, then the next is 2nd chair, then 3rd chair, and so on, until you get down to (typically) the least-skilled player in the row, however many chairs down that may be. If your band has an outrageous number of saxophones, you could be 12th or 20th chair, who knows?

Yes, I was the most technically skilled sax player in North Bend High School in North Bend, Oregon, from 1992 to 1996. You’ve probably never heard of my town or my high school. That’s not the point. But I say “technically skilled” because, at heart, I wasn’t much of a musician.

There were always better players than me. I can admit that, this many years down the road. But no one could really out practice me. I lived with my instrument. I took it home every night, carrying that heavy, black case over the two-mile country road I lived down. And, since I went to all the trouble of lugging that thing around, I figured I’d better put an hour or two into it. I brought it back to school every day and put another hour into it during band. So, I held onto 1st chair, if for no other reason than because I just played the dang thing a bunch.


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