30 Days of Rocksmith: Day 6 — Rock & Roll Prius

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[I’m learning to play the guitar by going through Rocksmith for 30 days and seeing how far that gets me. Here’s backtracking to the beginning.]

In case you needed further proof of how much of a rockstar I am, I recently became the owner of a Toyota Prius. Yes, I drive a Prius now.

I know what you’re thinking. All of those things you think about Prius owners? I think those same things about Prius owners. But now, oh ho ho, I get to hear those things out loud. “Quit clogging the road!” “What, are you trying to save the planet?” “The gas savings in hybrid vehicles are drastically overstated!” And those are the things I yell at myself in the car.

So yeah, I guess I drive a Prius now.

Sometimes the science loses its sheen, and you just want to step on the gas and get some low-end torque. Now, I, what, step on the battery? Get a stealthy but octogenarian-paced acceleration from zero to 15 MPH? I’m a riot in a slow-moving parking lot.

Likewise, on a musical instrument, sometimes you just wanna blow. Well, that may be some of my old woodwind instrument terminology coming through. For a guitar, I guess sometimes you just wanna wail on the strings. Which is why I visited Rocksmith’s Guitarcade today.


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