30 Days of Rocksmith: Day 8 — "Never Mind, Dad, You Need More Lessons"

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[I’m learning to play the guitar by committing to 30 Days of Rocksmith. Here’s how I got started.]

“Daddy, can you do Learn a Song?” my five-year-old daughter asked. Lessons first, I told her. Then I can go to the Learn a Song section, kiddo. But Dad has to warm up first.

That’s something I’d forgotten about when it comes to learning an instrument: the warm-up time. My learning-an-instrument days are so far behind me that those memories belong to a different person. I’d played alto saxophone from grade school up through high school. I even took it with me to Navy boot camp after that. They play musical instruments in military boot camp? Yes, “special” performing divisions do.

I’d started playing at nine years old. My best friend and I had agreed beforehand that we’d both learn trombone. But, for some reason, I’d changed my mind, asked my parents to rent a saxophone instead of a trombone, and neglected to tell my best friend about the switch. On the first day of grade school band practice, he pulled out the agreed-upon trombone, while I pulled out a traitorous sax.

Despite the hurt look in his eyes, our friendship survived.


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