4X space strategy game Galactic Inheritors now available on Steam

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Publisher Argonauts Interactive and developer Crispon Games have announced the launch of their science fiction based 4X strategy game Galactic Inheritors for PC. After having been in Early Access for five months, the developers listened to community feedback to shape the game into what is it today. The game has players fighting for survival and ultimately control of the galaxy that consists of over 100 unique solar systems, each of which can be colonized.

Following in the 4X strategy genre formula, players slowly expand their empire by exploring the galaxy, taking control of territories, building their economy, and putting together a powerful military force. Five playable races are included with the Cawlar, Humans, Melowar, Ribetars, and Xylenth, each of which have their own unique structures and spacecraft units.

Galactic Inheritors is available now through Steam with a 10% off launch price at $17.99.


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