Air Brawl is the dogfighting game that everyone deserves

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Air Brawl is a title that just sounds like fun, and after checking out their Kickstarter page and a Reddit thread on /r/pcmasterrace, it looks to be the aerial combat title that we all want and need to play.

Wilhelm Nylund has started this project and included some information regarding the project, which, if funded, is slated for a release next October.  Here’s the skinny on what’s available now and what to expect:

  • Air Brawl has been in development for roughly six months
  • Currently, the title is slated for PC, MAC, and LINUX.
  • There are six available aircraft to choose from, with two more on the way
  • Before launch, expect to have four full maps to choose from in gameplay

The game is not your standard flight combat sim, however. The game has some fairly crazy weaponry to use, and we’re being nice when we say that.  One of the weapons is called a “Batapult” which is exactly what it sounds like:  A pot of bats are fired at an enemy and explodes on impact.  The bats then burst out of the pot and attack any nearby targets.  Outstanding.

For those who are sick and tired of standard flight combat games where the weaponry is simply “fire and forget” missiles, then this is going to be a title that you want to check out.  There is a demo available on the Kickstarter page, which has a final goal of 350,000 SEK (Approx. $48,150), and has plenty of reward levels for donations, including one level allowing a backer to fully design one of the weapons to be used in the game.  Every little bit helps, as Wilhelm says on his page, so check it out and try out the demo!



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