All the Boston landmarks we recognize in the Fallout 4 trailer

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Bethesda is breaking the internet today with its official Fallout 4 reveal. The fact that it takes place is Boston was one of the worst kept secrets in video game development, but that doesn’t diminish anyone’s excitement in the least. Here’s a look at all the Bostonian landmarks we could recognize from the video. As you can see, Bethesda is taking plenty of artistic license with how some of these sites are portrayed—as they well should.

Fallout 4, everybody. The hype is real.

The Bunker Hill Monument  

The USS Constitution in drydock. Also, look at those engines in the Fallout image. The prominence of aircraft in the video may be indicative that “Old Ironsides” might be converted into an airship.
Scollay Square circa 1950. The sign that says “Scollay” in the upper-left hand side of the Fallout image made it apparent.
 The Haystack Observatory. Maybe. Maaaaaybe.
Fenway Park exterior. The green and brick/rust exterior, baseball player statue, and diamond logo on the outside of the Fallout structure give it away, though the Fallout image is taken from the side facing the Fenway neighborhood.
Fenway Park interior. In Fallout, it’s possible a town called Diamond City has been set up inside Fenway Park. (Note the stadium lighting fixtures, the Diamond City Surplus store sign, and the diamond logo painted on the exterior of Fenway Park in the previous Fallout image.)
Paul Revere statue with the Old North Church
Massachusettes State House
Fallout 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in 2016. (Although one Gaming Nexus staffer is making the risky wager that Bethesda could reveal a Fall/Winter 2015 launch, basically blowing everybody’s minds.)


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