Battlefield: Hardline creative director talks about Hardline’s movie and TV influences

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Oh boy, oh boy!

Ian Millham, Battlefield: Hardline‘s creative director, talked with EA about the movies and TV series that have influenced Hardline’s story and, interestingly, appearance. Specific shows he mentioned as influences are Justified and The Americans, saying that the character driven nature of the show, as opposed to a focus on a unit, is what they latched on to. They also have a director working with them on Hardline that has previously worked on both of those shows, so I guess it makes sense that they would be influences.

He also mentions the world of Elmore Leonard, whose books have been made into movies such as Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. I could go on all day about how Jackie Brown is Tarantino’s best movie (yes, including Pulp Fiction) but that’s a discussion for a later day. All that it means here is that these guys are picking great influences for a game about a drug war.

He even talks about how they use these movies and shows as models for the color palette of the game. I have been excited about this game, but reading about how much attention to detail is going into making it feel like an authentic crime story is just making it even more exciting.

Side note for those interested, one of the screenshots in the interview has a character played by Adam Harrington, who was Vice Detective Roy Earle in LA Noire.

You can read the interview here. It’s a good one, I recommend you do.


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