Best Buy "adjusting" special edition New 3DS pre-orders

By GamingNexus On 23 Jan, 2015 At 01:00 PM | Categorized As Gaming Industry News | With 0 Comment

When Nintendo announced the limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL, scalpers wasted no time in buying up all the pre-orders and posting them for ridiculously inflated sums on Ebay. Best Buy is trying to combat this trend, and a Reddit user has discovered that they are doing this by limiting pre-orders of the special 3DS to one per customer.

What about people who already pre-ordered multiple Majora 3DS XLs? Surprise! Your pre-order has been cut down to just one unit. This will definitely hit the scalpers where it hurts, but there might be innocent casualties too. If you’re a parent and pre-ordered two or three of the new Majora 3DS for each of your kids, you’re out of luck at Best Buy.

Of course, the solution to the problem would be for Nintendo to just produce and issue more stock, but as we’ve seen with Amiibo, Nintendo is having a real problem keeping up with demand these days.

Source: Nintendolife


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