BioWare’s Shadow Realms being rebooted?

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Shadow Realms was literally the most disappointing game announcement I’ve ever experienced.  Coming last year from BioWare, a company known for singleplayer RPGs that I almost always love, Shadow Realms was a potentially free-to-play 4v1 assymetrical multiplayer game.  Those are all things I care less than nothing about.  

Let’s just say there was some crying myself to sleep in 2014.

Teased over the summer, then announced in August of 2014, Shadow Realms has recently gone silent and now, according to Kotaku, it’s being rebooted or maybe even cancelled.

At the very least, it’s undergoing some major changes.  Some speculation, again, according to Kotaku, is that it’s maybe getting a proper singleplayer campaign.

I’d love a new BioWare IP with a proper singleplayer campaign and now that the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition indicates that maybe BioWare is getting their mojo back, this Shadow Realms news is of the “good” variety.

Make sure you visit Kotaku for the full story.   


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