Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendence DLC Early Weapon Access trailer

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Now that the guns have gone all futuristic in the Call of Duty franchise with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I just have one question: How do all those fancy guns work?  That futuristic weapon you start with, for example, just sort of spins its chamber when you reload it.  What is that about?  

Oh well.  I guess you don’t need to now how it works to headshot babies sitting on their mommies’s laps with it.  Am I right?

Anyway, this trailer features the super-fancy OHM directed energy hybrid weapon.  It can switch between an light machine gun and shotgun on the fly for soldiers out there who just can’t decide.  Here’s the thing though, it’s a “directed energy” weapon that clearly comes equipped with a belt full of shiny bullets.  Okay, so they call it a hybrid, but I still want to know how it works.  The OHM DEHW is in the Ascendance DLC pack which also features the OHM DEHW Werewolf custom variant.  

Xbox Season Pass holders can pick up the Ascendance Pack right now.  Buy the Season Pass here.  

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