CAPCOM announces a third-person, Resident Evil theme shooter, Umbrella Corps

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Myself, a long with other Resident Evil fans were hoping for some Resident Evil news at Tokyo game show and we got it alright. It’s not Resident Evil 7, but CAPCOM did announce that a new third-person game called Umbrella Corps is coming early next year. 

Umbrella Corps will be a third person shooter set in the Resident Evil Universe. The game will be online focused and matches will apparently be close quarter battles that will be “short and brutal”. You will also wage war in familiar Resident Evil locations. I wonder if that means it will be stages across all Resident Evil games, or if this game will take place in a specific location.

I have… concerns about this. I absolutely love the Resident Evil franchise and will play any game that they release whether it’s a main series game or a spin off. That being said, this is bringing back horrible memories of Operation Raccoon City, which was horrible in my opinion. Hopefully CAPCOM has learned from it’s mistakes and this could be a fun shooter. Either way, I’ll give it a shot. 

Umbrella Corps will be available in early 2016 for PS4 and PC and will cost $29.99


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