CES 2015: The Omni consumer version revealed and a price increase

By GamingNexus On 7 Jan, 2015 At 07:00 AM | Categorized As Gaming Industry News | With 0 Comment

Virtuix has finally shown what backers and consumers will get once they release the Omni into the wild. The steel and aluminum frame should keep the unit stable and solid while the new harness design should keep the user secure and comfortable.

There has been some changes since the initial design. Instead of using a capacitive sensors to detect your movement, the Omni will now use an IMU-based tracking device in each shoe called a POD. Virtuix claims it’s more accurate, reliable, and more cost effective. That does seem like to more things you’ll need to keep track of in terms of making sure they are operational and powered, but if it means a better than experience right now than I’m all for it. Backers and early adopters won’t need to spend the extra money to get a pair as they are included.

If you jumped into the Omni as a Kickstarter early, like I did, you got yourself a deal. Because of the new design and added hardware, the Omni will now retail for $699. I back it at $350 (minus shipping costs) so a lot of folks got in for half price. 

Q1 of this year is still the projected launch window and Virtuix says they are on track to deliver. I know I can’t wait to get one in my house and I’ve heard the people at CES are having a great time using it.


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