CES 2016: Seagate Impressions

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I’ve met with Seagate a few times out here at CES in the past, but missed the past few years so it was great to see them again. While they didn’t have any specific gaming items available this year, they do have some impressive tech being showcased at their meeting room in the Venetian.

It’s all about content creation and services for Seagate and they showed off a few of their items that could benefit YouTube creators. Seagate acquired Lyve a little bit ago so they’re starting to incorporate their technology. With a Lyve account, you can cloud save your photos and media and easily transfer them over to say a Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slims that you see in the photo below. With a Lyve enabled drive, a specific folder is created there where you can drag photos or videos and have them automatically synced to your Lyve account. All the media is stored in its original format, so that’s great for keeping the quality of the media.

Seagate was showing off some great looking USB-C drive in their Porsche line. These beautiful looking external drives with its aluminum finish are also fast and utilizes the latest USB standard that’s going to be taking off this year. The various ones you see below use USB 3.1 Gen 1, which gives the drives up to 100MB/s transfer speed. All the drives also come with a USB-A cable, so you can use it in a PC which isn’t equipped with a USB-C connector yet. They are really eye catching up close and now will have a very convenient USB-C connection. The mobile Porche drives come in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB configurations and starts at $109.95. If you need a desktop drive that will even charge your laptop via the USB-C connector, they run at 4TB, 5TB, and 8TB configurations and start at $209.95.

The star of Seagate’s booth though is the LaCie Chrome external hard drive. You want speed, this is the drive for you. It uses USB 3.1 Gen 2 and offers up to a whopping 940MB/s transfer speed. It looks like a work of art standing on the table with its Chrome finish and blue LED light emitting from the rear.  Inside are a pair of SSDs in Raid 0 offering 1TB of storage. You can see the benchmark being run below on how fast the transfer was going to this drive. For content creators, this is the drive to get. With 4K video being more prominent, gamers who record their sessions can transfer to this drive and move it to whatever PC they want to use to work on it with a lot less wait time now.  You’re going to spend a lot of money though to get the speeds and looks of the Chrome as it will retail for $1400.

While there wasn’t really anything for gaming shown at Seagate’s area, they did show off products that could benefit gaming content creators. From backup drives to the blazingly fast and beautiful Chrome drive, Seagate’s got some great products on hand for your content creation and storage needs.


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