CES 2016: ViewSonic Impressions

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Our last appointment for CES 2016 was with the good folks at ViewSonic. Dan will go over the projectors, but I saw some very nice looking monitors that will be coming from the longtime producers of monitors.

Their XG or Xtreme Gaming line contains monitors built for gamers and contain FreeSync and G-Sync technologies. The panels consist of TN and panels with IPS-like technologies with all of them having great image quality.

The one that stood out for me was the XG2703-GS. This is a QHD IPS-type panel running at 165Hz featuring NVIDIA’s G-Sync. The 27” display had an incredible picture with Metal Gear Solid V running buttery smooth on it. I moved the camera around Snake slowly and quickly and the image was just incredible. Seriously, I was drooling at how nice and smooth the motion was. There was no tearing or stuttering whatsoever. In the base was a light that takes an average of all the color on the screen and emits it from there. It’s similar to using a rear lighting kit on a TV. ViewSonic’s still working to get the kinks out, but it should provide a nice visual compliment when working by the time the monitor is released. One the back is a headset hook so you can hang your headset behind the monitor. One the side are some USB ports and the stand also has cable management built in. It was the star of the booth for me and should be out March.

Do you want 4K gaming? ViewSonic also has that covered with the XG2700-4K monitor. This 27” monitor features a an IPS-like panel and uses AMD’s FreeSync technology. You can drive the monitor at up to 60Hz at 3840×2160 resolution. Just like the XG2703-GS, the XG2700-4K features cable management and a headset hook as well. You can expect this one to be out later this month.

ViewSonic has a nice line of FreeSync monitors in a more affordable range in various sizes. They are using TN panels, but still had good color and good viewing angles. I moved around to see if I could get the picture to look washed out, but it was still very viewable even at extreme angles. You can get them in sizes of 22”, 24”, and 27” and each feature a 2ms response. Prices range from $200 to $323 with the 22” and 27” available now while the 24” will be out next month. If you want an IPS-like panel, a 27” version will be out in April for about $317.

ViewSonic has a great line of monitors that fit everyone’s budget and needs. They all had a solid picture and some great features that many gamers will find useful.


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