Clockwork Empires October Update: Munitions, Madness, and M…uh…improved AI.

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News from the frontier! In the never ending battle to bring order and civilization to the barbaric new world, it is sometimes necessary to blow up a small portion of said new world. That’s right- landmines are the newest tool to add to your arsenal in Clockwork Empires. Invading fishpersons? Not if the landmines have something to say about it. Diabolical cultist plot? Meet Mr. landmines. Gigantic rampaging beetles? Oh, you better believe that’s a landmine.

Gaslamp Games have added a lot more than landmines since their last monthly update– but let’s be honest, who cares about ensuring that colonists don’t idly chit-chat with bloodthirsty murderers, or cultists building shrines and holding Eldritch Transformation rituals when there’s landmines about! Well, here’s a brief summary of the less explosive changes to this month’s big update:

  • Guns now require bullets in order to work
  • Improved combat AI makes sure soldiers respond to alarms quicker
  • More modules added to kitchens
  • Renovations re-enabled for buildings
  • Balancing cultists- certain tasks and rituals require the cult to have a certain level of power and madness in order to function
  • Gave fishpeople ability to attack walls, respond to landmines
  • Updated UI, fixed typos, added more descriptions

You can get the full list of updates and patches after the jump and at Gaslamp’s Devlog. If this is your first time hearing about Clockwork Empires and you want to hear more about it, you should check out our preview, and take a gander at this brilliant Early Access title on Steam.


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