Crossout’s vehicular combat will try to make "craft, ride, destroy" a thing

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Upcoming craft-’em-up/drive-’em-up/smash-’em-up MMO, Crossout, released a junkyard full of pre-alpha images. Not to mention some roughly translated backstory for the post-apocalyptic setting. The environments aren’t as stark as, say, the Australian Outback, but this post-apocalyptic car destruction MMO seems timely—considering the recent success of vehicular combat movie franchise Mad Max: Fury Road.

Russian developer Targem Games sits at the helm of Crossout. Half of Targem’s body of work consists of racing and car combat games, so Crossout sits squarely in their wheelhouse. Let’s see if their gamble pays off. MMOs are a tougher and tougher sell these days, and vehicular combat MMOs never really took off in the first place.

Storywise, suffice it to say that there was a pandemic in 2021. Crossout takes place 20 years after that, with ramshakle remnants of humanity building vehicles, blowing vehicles up, then salvaging vehicles.

Early access (closed beta) signups on PC are here; they’ll start letting folks in this summer.



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