Dirt Rally (Impressions)

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Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, Dirt Rally launched on Steam Early Access the same day that it was announced by publisher and developer Codemasters. While the game looks quite similar to the past series release of Dirt 3, the new early access title as its name suggests focuses completely on providing a simulation rally experience. Rally game modes in previous series titles tended to be far more casual in regards to the physics and handling of cars. For achieving success in Dirt Rally, players must both be alert of the environment and make constant steering and speed adjustments to avoid either racing off the track or spinning out of control.

While the game is only in early access, the current career mode is impressive with its varied amount of content. With the career mode, players can enter championships that span various events and locations. During championships players have the option to repair their car in-between events if it was damaged while racing. The career mode also includes a team management element that involves hiring a crew chief and engineers to keep cars repaired and perform well in races.

As players participate in more races they will earn credits to buy additional cars as well as earn experience for their team members. As team members increase in experience, cars will receive upgrades such as better engines and weight reduction. Cars available for purchase range from various years and group types that are similar to past series titles. Further championships become available as players purchase additional cars.

The career mode also contains online events that include daily stages and weekly and monthly events. Each of these modes feature countdowns to let players know when they’ll switch to a new location and class of car. While they may seem basic in design, they actually function well in keeping the game constantly dynamic and providing a strong reason to play everyday.

The current early access build includes rally locations in the narrow cliff roads of Monte Carlo, Monaco, winding desert hills of Argolis, Greece, and wooded paths of Powys, Wales. Each of the current locations feature varied routes that continually test the skill of players as they tackle hairpin turns and avoid car-wrecking obstacles. The highly-detailed visuals bring each location to life with spectators on the side of roads and weather conditions that not only look stunning, but make for even more difficult driving conditions. As with previous entries in the series, Dirt Rally features some of the best car cockpit views in regards to presentation and gameplay experience.

Dirt Rally in its current early access build is impressive to say the least with the in-depth and realistic gameplay experience, varied career mode, and highly-detailed visuals and presentation. Even better, the developers have already planned upcoming game updates to expand upon features and content. Dirt Rally is recommended to fans of racing games and in particular rally enthusiasts.

Dirt Rally is available now through Steam Early Access.


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