EA Sports forced to pull female players from FIFA 16 in reminder that NCAA is still the worst.

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Here’s a piece of news that shouldn’t shock anybody: The NCAA is awful.

FIFA 16 is available for EA Access users today, but they’re going to find a few names missing from the rosters for the women’s teams that were added in for this year’s title.

In a press release by EA Sports, the publisher explained why they are having to remove thirteen players from the game:

“All rights were secured following standard protocol with national governing bodies and federations, and none of these NCAA student-athletes or potential student-athletes were to be individually compensated by EA Sports for their inclusion in the game….We believe this decision denies these 13 athletes the opportunity to represent their countries in the game, but we have removed them from FIFA 16 to ensure there is no risk to their eligibility.’

In short, the NCAA is still as awful as you expect them to be. One has to believe that there is still plenty of problems between the two entities after the well-publicized O’Bannon v. NCAA class action lawsuit that did not go either company’s way, though EA Sports did the smart thing and settled out of court to dodge any major bullets.

Here are the players that have been affected by this decision:

MEXICO: Tanya Samarzich, Greta Espinoza, Christina Murillo, Amanda Perez, Emily Alvarado, Maria Sanchez

CANADA: Kadeisha Buchanan, Jessie Fleming, Ashley Lawrence, Janine Beckie, Rebecca Quinn, Sura Yekka

SPAIN: Celia Jimenez


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