EVE Online gives every single spaceship a facelift in Carnyx update

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EVE Online is still a monster of a game—but it’s a beautiful monster. EVE‘s “Carnyx” update, which went live on Tuesday, brings a shipload of changes. It simultaneously starts a series of updates that developer CCP is calling the “Summer of Sovereignty.”

One of the easiest updates to translate is: Improved Graphics! Watch the video below to see a sampling of how every single ship in EVE got a facelift. 

The rest of Carnyx—get all the details here—involve nullsec and sovereignty changes (that has to do with who controls what), new missions for cruiser-class ships, new ship skins (beyond the “physically based rendering” facelift given to every ship), the introduction of the Caldari Jackdaw T3 Tactical Destroyer, indirect lighting (which makes objects larger than your ship reflect light back at you), and several other inside-baseball changes.

More updates coming in EVE‘s “Summer of Sovereignty.”

EVE Online has been going strong since May 2003. It hit half a million subscribers in 2013, but the lack of updated numbers in the past two years may be indicative of slumping subscriptions. Watch this recent trailer, which incorporates actual video and audio from in-game players, if you want just a hint of the beautiful monster that is EVE.


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