Ever seen an Indie arcade game?

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Indie games are all the rave now, becoming prevalent on both PC’s and consoles over the course of the last few years. Just when I thought we had seen the indie movement hit every platform imaginable, a surprise comes out of nowhere. Behold, an independent, JAMMA-based arcade game: Skycurser!

Yep, one group of independent developers, Griffin Aerotech, is currently working on a new JAMMA-based shmup called Skycurser and it looks fantastic. The game, which is currently being location-tested in Indianapolis, is a side-scrolling shooter that has been heavily influenced by games such as Doom and Splatterhouse. The board will be compatible with all JAMMA-based cabinets and runs at a glorious 240P resolution (and yes, I said glorious).

Seriously, we need to see more of this in the industry. The arcade is a lost art and it truly makes me smile to see someone making an effort to breathe a little life into the arcade industry. You can read more about the project at its official website. Of course, this isn’t the only indie-arcade project, there are plenty of others out there if you take the time to look. Hopefully this inspires some of you to do just that.

Source: Arcade Heroes


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