EVO 2015: Ultra Street Fighter IV results

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With a few top players eliminated rather early in the tournament including last year’s champion Luffy, it was interesting seeing who all made Top Eight this year.  That being said, the top three, as usual, didn’t disappoint.

Winners Finals: EG Momochi (Ken, Elena) d. Infiltration (Evil Ryu, Abel) 

There have been a lot of matches during the finals of EVO where one side outright dominated the other.  This match up was kind of the opposite as both players used characters with a similar style of play (Evil Ryu and Ken).  However, after Momochi went up two to one, Infiltration pulled a shocker and changed to Abel.  This proved effective as he solidly took game four, which prompted Momochi to make a change himself and pulled out Elena for the fifth and final game.  After an amazing back and forth game with each player taking a round, Momochi took round three to win game five and advance to Grand Finals 3-2.


Losers Finals: AVM GamerBee (Elena, Adon) d. Infiltration (Chun-Li, Juri)

Once again Infiltration is showing his wide range of characters to pull out as he started off with Chun-Li against GamerBee’s Elena.  GamerBee showed a lot of patience with Elena and took game one.  In game two he changed up his game a bit and put some pressure in Infiltration, but Infiltration began to play more of an offensive game with Chun-Li, and took game 2 2-1.  After GamerBee won game three, Infiltration pulls out yet ANOTHER character with Juri.  This pays off as Infiltration won game four, tying the match at two games apiece.  GamerBee switched over to Adon for the fifth and final game which came down to the wire, but GamerBee barely took game five 2-1 due to time running out with both players nearly out of energy.


Grand Finals: EG Momchi (Winners) (Ken/Evil Ryu) vs. AVM GamerBee (Losers) (Adon)

 Much like the rest of the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals, this match started out pretty even with both players take a game.  GamerBee took game three after each player won a round, then took game four 2-0 to win the set 3-1 and send Momochi to the losers bracket, resetting the Grand Finals.

As for the second set of matches, it was somewhat the same story with the games basically being even all throughout.  Momochi switched to Evil Ryu and took the first game, but GamerBee fired back and took game two 2-0.  Momochi began dominating the third round of the third game and held on after GamerBee began a comeback to take the lead 2-1, needing one more game to take the tournament.  With the pressure on GamerBee, game four saw Momochi take the first round and solidly begin round two before Gamrebee began a comeback and barely take the round.  GamerBee then took round three to take the tournament to a final game five.

Momochi took round one, but then somehow Momochi’s controller came disconnected and by rule GamerBee was allowed to take the round, so he dropped Momochi down just low enough so GamerBee would win via timeout and not give Momochi any more meter.  It was then discovered that Momochi was having issues with his fight stick.  Thankfully someone found a stick for Momochi to use for the final round.  After an intense Grand Finals, Momochi took the final round and the tournament in what has to be one of, if not the best Street Fighter finals in recent history.


Ultra Street Fighter IV Top Three:

  • 1.) EG Momochi (Ken, Evil Ryu, Elena)
  • 2.) AVM GamerBee (Adon, Elena)
  • 3.) Infiltration (Evil Ryu, Abel, Chun-Li, Juri)



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