Evolve moving to the open beta phase soon

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If you didn’t get a chance to check out the closed beta of Evolve a few months back, don’t worry, your chance is coming soon. Of course, that is as long as you are playing on a Xbox One. The public, open beta will kick off on Microsoft’s system on January 15, giving anyone with a Xbox Live Gold subscription a chance to check out this cooperative shooter.

The version that we will be seeing is a bit more expansive than the closed alpha. This time you will get to play through the game’s Hunt Mode, just like before, letting you choose between the Goliath and the (overpowered) Kraken on the monster side, and eight characters from four classes on the hunter side of the equation. A new mode is also going to be included this time, launching on January 17, which will give a players a closer look at the multiplayer campaign that will be featured in the final version of the game.

I am really looking forward to playing a bit more of Evolve and will definitely check out the beta on the Xbox One. I am hoping to see some marginal improvements over the alpha test with things such as matchmaking time and connection issues; both of these things made the alpha experience more of a test of patience than the actual game. The game was a lot of fun once you got into a match, it just took a long time to get in there and a stroke of luck to stay connected for the entire match.

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