Evolve treads on thin ice with latest trailer

By GamingNexus On 5 Feb, 2015 At 03:00 AM | Categorized As Gaming Industry News | With 0 Comment

So 2K and Turtle Rock released a new trailer for Evolve, their upcoming 4v1 monster hunter. It’s not a gameplay trailer or anything like that, just a straight up live-action TV spot.

I’ve been extremely complimentary of the publisher and studio in the past for their decision-making but I feel like this spot misses the mark. 4 kids with flashlights chase another through a forest. I understand it’s trying to play on the whole 4v1 vibe of the multiplayer. They try to tie that in at the very end showing the kids back in their living rooms with game controllers in hand, as one of the four becomes the monster to be chased in the next battle.  But for the first 90% of the broadcast, it just has this off-putting feeling of bullies chasing down a victim.  

Maybe I’m just reading waaaay too much into this and need to take off my Social Justice Warrior Cape, but I get an uneasy feeling from the video, and using the Scala and Kolacny Brothers version of “Ready or Not” seems at attempt to add emotional depth to the video that’s out of place. If this is an innocent and fun action game, then why not just stick with the Fugees’ original version? To intentionally use a toned down and somber version of the song kinda adds to the dread, where I’m not sure dread is the right emotion to attach to 4 kids chasing a fifth through the woods.

I might be totally off here and the video is below so you can judge for yourself. But I think there are enough terrible stories of unforgivable bullying surrounding gaming that treading on that line isn’t the best way to sell your product. 


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