Final Fantasy IX is coming to a PC near you….in Japan.

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Square Enix has been trying to satiate its rabid Final Fantasy fanbase by releasing upgraded versions of past titles in the series to every platform imaginable. While some are getting praise (FF7 on PS4) and some are getting eviscerated (FF6 on Steam) by the media, I’ve been patiently waiting for one of the most underrated titles in the series, Final Fantasy IX, to make its way back into my home. That became one step closer to reality today.

Square Enix announced in a press conference today that Zidane and Company will be making their way to PCs in Japan sometime in 2016, simultaneously launching a website that cryptically has zero information other than a shot of the famous castle from the beginning of the game.

While this isn’t the news we were all hoping for in North America, it’s still good news. Every game that has come out on PC in Japan in this series has made its way over to the States. It will be a couple of months after the Japanese launch, of course, but this is the path that has been followed.

No official release date has been given for either the Japanese or NA launch, so stay tuned and hopefully Square Enix doesn’t leave us in the dark for long.


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