First print of Rodea the Sky Soldier will include Wii version

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Rodea the Sky Soldier is a title we’ve been hearing about for a long time. The game suffered through a tumultuous development period, often being referred to as vaporware. Yuji Naka’s team at Prope began developing the game for Wii way back in 2010, but eventually transitioned the title over for a simultaneous release on 3DS and Wii U. The game is finally coming to Japan in April and will arrive in America this fall, but fans who buy the first print run of this game will get a special extra.

It turns out the Wii version of Rodea was actually completed, and first-run editions of the Wii U game will include that original Wii version. This is almost unheard of–an earlier build of a game, finished and gold-certified, releasing alongside the final, current-gen version. This is a great way to reward early adopters. I was already excited to finally play Rodea the Sky Soldier, but now I’ll definitely get my pre-order in.

Source: Nintendolife 


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