GeForce Experience gets some nice updates for streaming and broadcasting today

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GeForce Experience has grown tremendously in its install base in the past few years. Over 65 million people now have it installed and over 90% of those go through the app rather than going to the website to grab the drivers. Today, GeForce Experience gets some new updates to benefit those who own NVIDIA cards.

Gamestream is now capable of 4k so you can go to your TV through your Shield device at 4K, 60FPS, with 5.1 surround sound. Of course, you’ll need a 4K capable rig to do this so we’re talking about a GeForce GTX 980Ti and definitely over a wired connection rather than wireless.

Broadcasting is now up to 1080P at 60FPS with Twitch and YouTube. Yes, YouTube is now an option for broadcasting. Sony recently released broadcasting to YouTube on the PlayStation 4 and now, NVIDIA owners can do so as well as easily as they can to Twitch. For Twitch, you are limited to 720P unless you are a partner so keep in mind. You won’t be able to go to 1080P without paying. YouTube doesn’t have that restriction though. GeForce Experience will save both login credentials if you are a member of both and you can switch between the two easily if you are on both.

Here’s a change though that will be coming in the near future. In December, the Game Ready Drivers will now only be available through GeForce Experience first and then later on on their website. You’ll have to register to get “first access”, which some people might not like. We’ll see if this lasts, but if their statistics are true, there’s a very small minority of people that this will affect.

NVIDIA continues to improve on a pretty damn good piece of software that adds more value to those with NVIDIA cards. If you haven’t loaded GeForce Experience, you should try it out yourself. Broadcasters will really love the updates today as it increases the quality of broadcasts and it really makes it simple to share your gaming experience with others.


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