Go beast mode in three new Far Cry Primal trailers, plus Deluxe Edition details

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Far Cry Primal is the most interested I’ve been in the series since 2008’s Far Cry 2 set in Africa. Primal takes a Stone Age open world—going back some 13,000 years in man’s evolutionary history—and, basically, makes you an animal-summoning druid in the crazy-lush, crazy-rural landscape.

You’re a Beast Master. That means you have to ability to ally with creatures (Press X to Tame, basically) and get them to work with you. Primal is for you if you’re at all interested in using wolves to take down prey, jaguars to sneak in the shadows, owls to scout enemy camps, bears to tank the bad guys, and mammoths to ride high across the plains and mountain passes. It looks great. But you’ll have to get used to the idea of switching back and forth between all of these animal resources on the fly, as opposed to being the one-man army that Far Cry usually likes to make you. 

The Deluxe Edition (no pricing yet) will physically come with the Far Cry Primal game, of course, a steelbook, a map of the land, and the official soundtrack. In addition, it’ll digitally include 45 minutes of extra missions, a legendary and unbreakable weapon (so it appears that weapon degredation is still a thing), and four “enhancement packs” which, in Ubisoft-speak, usually means unlocking more stuff early, lighting up the map with every location, etc.

Far Cry Primal is looking at a February 23, 2016 launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a Windows launch one week later on March 1.


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