Gravity Rush 2 confirmed for the U.S.

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While we all knew that it would be coming worldwide eventually, the original announcement of Gravity Rush 2 was only made for Japan. That all changed yesterday at the Paris Games Week. Gravity Rush 2 is officially confirmed to be launching in the United States in 2016, although the specific date has not been announced. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer for the game (shown below) as well as some new info regarding its features.

First off, Kat will now have access to three different “gravity styles” which will alter both her attack and movement capabilities. The first option is normal, which means everything functions as you would expect. The Lunar style, once activated, will cause gravity to be drastically reduced in the game world. This makes Kat much lighter and a lot faster. The final style, Jupiter, does just the opposite: it increases gravity. While this style will slow Kat down, it will also make her a lot stronger than ever before. Players will be able to switch between each of the styles at will, which should create some interesting attack combinations and possibilities. The game is also going to feature an all new Tag Battle system, which will bring a second, AI-controlled character into play to assist you in battle.

While we don’t know exactly when Gravity Rush 2 will launch, we do know that the remastered version of the original game is still planned for a February release. Gravity Rush Remastered will be available exclusively for the PS4 for $29.99. The original Vita version is one of my favorite games for Sony’s handheld and I cannot wait to play through it on the bigger screen!


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