Guild Wars 2 and the World Tournament Series

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ArenaNet announced come big changes coming to the player vs player mode in Guild Wars 2. The changes are set to hit December 2nd, in conjunction with the opening of the World Tournament Series (WTS) which will kick off in Beijing. The WTS will pit teams from North America, Europe, and China against each other for a $50,000 in prizes and will be streamed on twitch.  

The highlights of the PvP changes include:

  • Improved matchmaking using the Glicko2 system for player skill but also incorporating player rank and party size.
  • A dishonor system, where quitting matches will carry a ranking penalty.
  • A new ladder system to test organized league play.
  • A “Practice” mode, to jump in and quickly join an unranked match.

The full press release for the changes and WTS is below and the team at ArenaNet will be releasing a series of blog posts with further details on their official site. Guild Wars 2 continues to improve, but I still wish the Commando Class was a thing. 


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