Halloween / Horror Costumes headed to Ultra SF4

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Just in time for Halloween, Capcom is prepared to release a whole new set of costumes for Ultra Street Fighter IV. I know what you’re thinking, “great, MORE costumes.” Seriously, I believe that this game has to be close to setting a record for the number of costume packs that have been released since the launch of the original SF4.

Next week, a variety of Horror Costume Packs are headed to Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. On October 27, players will find the following packs available online for $3.99 a piece:

  • 2014 Challengers Horror Pack: Elena, Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Decapre
  • Arcade Challengers Horror Pack: Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu
  • Brawler Horror Pack: Zangief, Rufus, E. Honda. Abel and El Fuerte
  • Challengers Horror Pack 1: Makoto, Hakan, Guy, Dee Jay and Dudley
  • Challengers Horror Pack 2: Juri, Ibuki, T. Hawk, Cody and Adon
  • Classic Horror Pack: Guile, Gen, Fei Long, Dhalsim and Blanka
  • Femme Fatale Horror Pack: C. Viper, Sakura, Rose, Chun-Li and Cammy
  • Shadoloo Horror Pack: Vega, Seth, Saga, Balrog and Bison
  • Shoryuken Horro Pack: Ryu, Ken, Gouken, Dan and Akuma

You can see a couple of examples of the better costumes from the new packs below:


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