Halo: Nightfall exiting Halo Channel, entering others

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Halo: Nightfall won’t be exclusive to the Xbox-oriented Halo Channel in a few more weeks. The show’s episodes are being compiled into a full-length film and distributed on Blu-ray, DVD, and various on demand services. You will be able to get ahold of it on March 17, 2015. The retail versions of the movie will include additional footage that wasn’t shown when the series aired through the Halo Channel.

Nightfall was originally distributed episodically through the Halo Channel upon the release of the Master Chief Collection back in November. The show was met with, for the sake of being nice, let’s call them mixed reviews. 343 and Microsoft tried though, and you can’t fault them for that. Halo fans will definitely want to check it out though, good or bad, because this sets the stage for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians which will launch later this year.

Source: Game Informer




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