Kicker amping up audio for mobile devices with Amphitheater BT2

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by: Dan Keener

As mobile devices continue to dominate the landscape, the one thing that they need help with is delivering quality audio. The folks at Kicker, long known for car-fi subwoofers, have announced that their Amphitheater BT2 system announced at the 2013 International CES is now available for sale.  It connects to your device via Bluetooth and offers a 50 watts amp to power the 5” Drivers, 3/4 “ tweeters and of course there is the 6” square reflex subwoofer found on the back.

We have tested several tabletop audio systems in the past for mobile gaming and entertainment, and the BT2 looks like it will be one of the best at delivering those hidden audio components that most mobile apps contain, but cannot be heard due to limitations of headphones or built-in speakers. Taking a look at the video, it looks like the BT2 should deliver quality audio and with the sub on the back, deep bass. It is rated with a frequency response of 24hz – 20K Hz, which offers a much broader range of audio than most table-top systems, especially at the $250 price point. Speaking of which, if interested, you can pick up the Amphitheater BT2 directly from Kicker on their website.


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