Luigi’s Mansion arcade trailer shows that Japan gets the best games

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I absolutely hate the fact that we don’t get too many “new” arcade games here in the States. The arcade market isn’t nearly as popular here as it still is in Japan. Case in point: the new games Japan seems to get ALL the time. One of the newer arcade machines in Japan, that I posted about previously, is Capcom’s take on the Luigi’s Mansion franchise. The game is an on-rails shooter, akin to games like Sega’s Jurassic Park. The machine is now shipping to arcades in Japan and Capcom has released a trailer showing off what it has in store for players.

No, this isn’t a super-deep or jaw-dropping experience, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. I love playing games like this, especially with my daughter whenever we visit establishments like Dave & Busters or Gameworks. Sega is actually involved with the marketing and distribution of the game, so hopefully there is a small chance that this could eventually show up in arcades over here in the United States. Until then, we just get to watch the trailer below and wish (or hope for a Wii U port).

Source: Arcade Heroes



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