Mad Catz designing peripherals for Farming Simulator series

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Peripheral designer Mad Catz and developer Giants Software have announced that they’re collaborating to create custom hardware for the Farming Simulator game series. Current players hoping for added realism only have the option of a racing steering wheel. However, the new hardware will be modeled after farming tractors and equipment. The designers describe the hardware:

…you’ll be driving your vehicle with a properly tilted, center sprung steering wheel with 900 degrees of turning and a wheel turning knob—just like the real thing! On the wheel, a Mini-stick controls your movement when not in your vehicle and real buttons allow you to use your in-game PDA. Gas and brake pedals come standard with the wheel, too.

In addition, an additional vehicle side panel is being designed that will feature a front loader control stick for precise control of a vehicle’s front attachments as well as fully programmable buttons for controls such as tool attach/detach, tool switching, reverse, lights, horn, and cruise control.

The peripherals will be released under the Mad Catz Saitek brand and further information will be revealed at the upcoming CES in January. Those curious about this year’s release of Farming Simulator 15 should give our review a read.


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