Makers of Resogun announce Matterfall, which you totally won’t confuse with Titanfall

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Housemarque Games (Super Stardust: Delta, Resogun), most known for their bullet-hell fanatacism, are taking their particle-happy designs into the shooter arena. Introducing: Matterfall. From this cinematic teaser, it’s unclear if Matterfall is first- or third-person, but it appears you have a shooty gun that morphs into multiple other shooty guns as needed. It shoots a straight-line blue ball! It shoots a wavy trio of blue balls! I bet there are other things it shoots, too! Hey, did he just create his own platform in midair to jump on? He did! I bet that’s a thing, too.

If you couple future guns with explodey bits, a dude in generic advanced warfare armor, and a high emphasis on verticality, you’ve got a recipe for…well, let’s be honest…you haven’t got anything special yet. But Housemarque Games knows how to crank things up when it comes to gameplay (see the aforementioned Super Stardust and Resogun, both exquisite).

According to the official press release: “Matterfall follows an unexpected hero in a ravished sci-fi setting. Crystalline shapes that are summoned mid-air are a staple of technology in this world and you must overcome an ever-expanding threat that might have already seeped too far into the core of humanity itself.”

Matterfall will be a PS4 exclusive. No launch window yet.


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