Mushroom Men returns with Truffle Trouble

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I was a huge fan of the criminally underplayed Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars on Wii back in 2009. Red Fly Studios developed an exciting new franchise and nobody seemed to care, which is a real shame because the game was a deceptively deep little adventure overflowing with charm and atmosphere. Red Fly isn’t giving up, however. After completing some other projects, they’re ready to bring Pax the mushroom man back for another misadventure.

In this new trailer for Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble, Pax is back at it with a more traditional puzzle-platformer. He isn’t trying to save a princess, though–actually, he’s running from one! The monstrous truffle princess is smitten with Pax and is chasing him through his nightmares, and Pax must solve environmental puzzles while the princess will stop at nothing to possess our fungus hero.

You can tell Red Fly has a lot of love for their original franchise. They even take some self-deprecating jabs at how poorly the original Wii title sold, which is amusing but a little sad too. Hopefully Mushroom Men will see a brighter future on Steam when Truffle Trouble launches on March 10th. I think I’ll boot up my Wii U and replay Spore Wars in anticipation! 

Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble from Red Fly Studio on Vimeo.


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