New DLC coming to Evolve at the end of March

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You know what Evolve needs? More DLC. That’s why 2K and Turtle Rock Studios have announced new content coming to their 4v1 multiplayer shooter.

The new content includes a new monster, four new hunters, two maps, and a new mode coming on March 31, according to the press release. 

The new monster, called Behemoth, acts as a tank and becomes a giant, destructive boulder thats capable of rolling throughout the environment. Behemoth is free as part of the Monster Expansion Pack for those who pre-ordered Evolve from participating retailers. It is also available separately for $14.99.

Four hunters are also joining Evolve’s lineup. Torvald is an assault character with a mortar cannon arm, Crow is a trapper with a pet that can track monsters, Slim is a combat medic, and Sunny is a support character who carries a mininuke grenade launcher. The four new characters are available with the Evolve Hunting Season Pass or can be purchased separately for $7.49 a pop.

Turtle Rock Studios is also adding Observer Mode for free which will allow the Evolve community to observe and add commentary to matches. 

For more on Evolve check out our review which lauds the game for its mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay, but knocks it for its progression system and lengthy load times. 


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