New items coming to Super Mario Maker as well as a bookmark web portal

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Some brand new elements are making their way to Super Mario Maker on December 21st (though the video says the 22nd).  First up is the Bumper which is created by shaking a Grinder.  These yellow rings allow Mario to bounce around and I have a feeling that people will be making courses based off of nothing but these things as seen in the video below.  Next are P-Switch doors, created by shaking a set of regular doors.  If you’ve played past Mario games (Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World immediately come to mind) you might recall hitting a P-Switch and having a door appear out of nowhere.  That’s the idea here.

The final new element is the Fire Koopa Clown Car, created by shaking a normal Koopa Clown Car.  This allows you to shoot fireballs from the car to take down enemies, but you can also charge up the fireball to take out certain blocks.  It basically turns Super Mario Bros. into R-Type or Gradius or sorts.  Finally, each course will now display not only the fastest time it took someone to clear the course, but also who finished the course first.  Hooray for bragging rights!

Finally we have the Super Mario Maker Bookmark.  This lets players access the Super Mario Maker Bookmark portal site from their computer, tablet, or smartphone and use their Nintendo ID to log in and allow them to browse and search for courses with filters like difficulty, theme, or style.  Players can then bookmark those courses and gain instant access to them the next time they fire up the game.  Personally I can’t wait for this to take effect as it’ll make searching for stages a lot easier. 


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