Nintendo announces mobile partnership with DeNA, hints at NX platform

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Nintendo is moving headlong into the mobile space. Today they announced they are partnering with mobile publisher DeNA to license all of Nintendo’s IP on mobile platforms. DeNA won’t be doing straight ports per se, but don’t be surprised if you see Mario, Link and Samus on your iPhone or Android in the near future.

Nintendo also hinted at a cross-platform online membership service that will serve Wii U, 3DS, web and mobile systems. This service will launch in the fall, and will most likely be the replacement for Club Nintendo, among other things.

Most cryptically, Nintendo tentatively announced a new dedicated gaming platform, code-named NX, and said they will reveal more about it next year. This announcement is likely intended to assuage fears that Nintendo is ditching console gaming altogether to focus on mobile. Indeed, Satoru Iwata promised that their partnership with DeNA was intended to bridge the gap between dedicated gaming consoles and mobile devices, not to completely shift focus to one or the other.

Whether this NX project is intended as a replacement for Wii U and/or 3DS, or is a third pillar like the DS initially was for the GBA and GameCube,  is yet to be seen. Iwata said NX is a “brand new concept,” so it might be the long-rumored fusion between a home console and a handheld that’s been floating around for a while. In any case, it’s an exciting time to be a Nintendo fan.


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