Nintendo Download for 1/7/2016: The NES Zapper gets some love this week

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If you were a fan of the classic NES Zapper light gun, there’s no doubt that you enjoyed countless hours of shooting ducks, clay pigeons, and that friggin’ dog that laughed at you many times.  However, Duck Hunt wasn’t the only good zapper game on the NES and this week’s Nintendo Download offers three more zapper games on the Wii U Virtual Console…well, two zapper games and one that utilized the zapper in a couple of stages.

For the actual zapper games we have Hogan’s Alley and Wild Gunman.  Both of these games test your reflexes and sharpshooting skills to take down your targets, though I’m surprised that Wild Gunman didn’t come out on October 21st last year.  As for the third game, The Adventures of Bayou Billy utilized the zapper in a couple of stages, while a good portion of the game was one of the most frustrating side-scrollers on the NES.  As much as I love the NES, I don’t think I’ve hit the midway point in this game more than once or twice.  For all three of these games, you can use the Wiimote as your zapper.

Other sales on the Wii U eShop this week see GravBlocks+ for $0.99 until 9:00 am PT on January 21st, plus Rock Zombie and Unepic are also on sale until 9:00 am PT on Febreuary 4th.  Over on the 3DS, Aqua Moto Racing 3D is only $3.99 until 9:00 am PT on January 14th, Glory of Generals The Pacific is $3.99 until 9:00 am PT on January 28th, and Quell Memento is $2.79 until 9:00 am PT on January 28th.


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