Nintendo outlines their Q4 lineup

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This year’s E3 was at best a mixed bag for Nintendo and there isn’t really a whole lot to light up the end of the year. Europe and Japan have paradoxically already gotten a lot of the games that are finally dropping here in the States but at least we have solid US release dates for all of them.

Super Mario Maker hits on September 11th, stay tuned for my full review soon. Next up is Yoshi’s Wooly World on October 16th, which Europe got in June for some reason. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water arrives in time for Halloween on October 22nd.

Star Fox Zero barrel-rolls onto shelves November 20th. The jury is still out on its ambiguous reboot-prequel storyline and potentially divisive control scheme. December is a surprisingly big month with Xenoblade Chronicles X on the 4th and Devil’s Third on the 11th. Both are games previously released in other territories.

The 3DS is getting some heavy hitters with Zelda: Tri Force Heroes on October 23rd and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on November 20th.

There’s a lot going on here but outside of Star Fox and Xenoblade there isn’t a ton to really rave about. What is getting released feels way past due, considering Nintendo teased lots of these games at least two E3’s ago. I’m still looking forward to many of these games but it’s hard to shake the feeling that Nintendo is pushing this stuff out on sheer obligation and getting ready to dump the Wii U like so much dead weight. Here’s hoping the NX gets a big reveal next year and something nice for Metroid fans, for once.

Check the press release for full launch date details and a number of holiday bundles, including a Mario Maker Wii U and a new Mario Kart 7 bundle for the newly price-dropped 2DS.


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