Not a Hero shows Roll7 not a one trick pony, launches May 7

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OlliOlli and its sequel have made developer Roll7 a name to remember. The skateboarding games have brought back the fun and addictive nature of the skateboarding game that other, big-name franchises seemed to have lost over the years (cough, Tony Hawk, cough). They can do a whole lot more than skateboarding though and they are preparing to show that with Not a Hero which will launch on the PC next month.

Nate gave us an overview of the game when he checked it out at PAX East last month. The game puts you in the role of Steve, an assassin, who is charged with cleaning up the city by wiping out its criminal underworld in spectacular fashion. I would imagine this is what Hotline Miami would look like if it were a 2D side-scroller. You’ll be kicking in doors, rolling over desks, and sliding under the legs of bad guys as you basically wipe out everything in sight. Plus, did I mention that this is all under the instruction of an anthropomorphic rabbit from the future?Long-story-short: it looks like a ton of fun which you will see in the trailer below.

The game will launch on Steam,, and in the Humble Store on May 7, 2015. Ports for the PS4 and Vita are expected later this year.



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