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Welcome to the time machine that is this week! Xbox One owners have quite to exclusive to gloat about this week as Rare Replay releases, offering one of the best deals in the history of gaming. In celebration of Rare’s 30th anniversary, Rare Replay brings together 30 of their most iconic titles for a mere $30. Since the company is now owned by Microsoft, the Xbox One is the only place that you are going to find this package. Our review of the game went live this morning and Nathan really enjoyed the game. If you own a Xbox One, this one is a no-brainer!

What are you picking up?

  • 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power for PC
  • ADventure Lib for PC
  • Aerternoblade for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Boggle for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Broken Bots for PC
  • The Castle Game for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Close Order for PC
  • Dandy: Or a Brief Glimpse Into the Life of the Candy Alchemist for PC
  • Demon Hearts for PC
  • Empyrion: Galactic Survival for PC
  • Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight for 3DS
  • Fairy Fencer F for PC
  • Fingerbones for PC
  • GALAK Z: The Dimensional for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Hidden: On the Trail of the Ancients for PC
  • Icebound for PC
  • INK for PC
  • The Logomancer for PC
  • Metro Warp for PC
  • President for a Day: Corruption for PC
  • Princess Kaguya: Legend of the Moon Warrior for PC
  • Raiseland for PC
  • Rare Replay for Xbox One
  • SAGA for PC
  • Submerged for PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Trans-Galactic Tournament for PS4 (via PSN)
  • Unfinished: An Artist’s Lament for PC
  • Wave Mechanics for PC
  • Zombie Killtime for PC


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