Official Trailer for Kôna: Day One

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A new trailer has been released for the first episode of Kôna called Kôna: Day One

The story begins with Carl Faubert, a private detective, arriving in a Northern Canadian town to investigate vandalism reported by a rich industrialist by the name of W. Hamilton who has been having disagreements with the local Cree community. Things start to become suspicious when an unexpected blizzard hits the area and Faubert’s client misses their appointment.  

Check out the trailer below:


Kôna, which originally started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, is being developed by a group of developers in Quebec who are calling Kôna “one of the most unique first-person adventure games you’ve ever played.”

After watching the trailer and looking at some of the screenshots, Kôna seems like a very promising game. 

Kôna: Day One is set to launch in January 2016 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Check out their website at




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