Omen, Kan Ra accessories, Maya’s retro costume and ranked multiplayer leagues are coming to Killer Instinct soon

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Jeremy previously reported that “Omen” will be the next character to be released for Killer Instinct, and Iron Galaxy has given us some updates on the content that is coming in the next update 

First off, we will be getting Omen, which is an additional free character that isn’t part of the eight season 2 characters. Omen will be available only to those who purchased the Combo Breaker or Ultra editions of season 2. 

Next we have premium accessories for Kan-Ra which will be available to those who purchased the Ultra edition. 

Maya will also be getting her classic costume and comes with three different accessory sets including “Native”, “Death”, and “Trendy” 

Finally, Iron Galaxy revealed that ranked online multiplayer is getting a complete overhaul. When the new system goes live, everyones ranks will be reset. After 10 qualifying matches, you will be placed in a Bronze, Silver or Gold tier. Once you hit a tier, you can only go upwards. You will never lose a rank or fall in tier placement. After qualifying, you will have to fight your way up to “Killer” tier. Once there, the real fun begins. The top 32 players will battle it out to decide who is the best of the best. Multiplayer leagues will happen from month to month and special rewards will be handed out to those who win each month. 

Ranked Leagues are coming in a future update and Iron Galaxy has given us the rundown of whats coming in the next two updates.

Update 2.3 will include.. 

  • Omen
  • Kan-Ra premium accessories 
  • Maya classic costume and accessories 

Update 2.4 will include

  • Ranked Leagues 

Omen’s trailer will also be dropping next week so hopefully we will get a glimpse of the next character that is going to be released after him. 


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