Overlord: Fellowship of Evil can be played single-player or co-op

By GamingNexus On 11 Aug, 2015 At 10:00 PM | Categorized As Gaming Industry News | With 0 Comment

Wait, there’s an Overlord spinoff coming out? Nobody tells me anything. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil deviates from the series’ previous single-player third-person action RPGs, and goes co-op 3D isometric RPG. (Those are really long ways of describing where the camera is located. It’s up higher now.) You’ll be able to play Fellowship of Evil either single-player or up to four-player co-op.

Despite taking on what looks like a Diablo formula, Overlord comes with dark, goofy humor, penned by the series’ original writer, Rhianna Pratchett. Also, that narrating voice you hear is Marc Silk, a voice actor well-aquainted with the series.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 25.


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