Phuhuhuhu! Danganronpa 3 has announced for Vita and Playstation 4

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Everyone’s favorite psychopathic bear, Monokuma will return very soon as a third game in the main series for Danganronpa has been announced and will be available for the Vita and the Playstation 4. No huge details yet but Danganronpa 3 will once again feature a cast of characters that has been trapped in a location and can’t leave unless they murder someone. Oh, and said person has to get away with the murder or else they are executed. For those who haven’t played these games, this is the best way I can describe it. Combine 999 and Phoenix Wright and you get Danganronpa.

No release date yet but considering 1, 2 and Ultra Despair Girls were all released withing almost a year of each other, I would say that we won’t be waiting an extremely long time to play it. My guess would be sometime in 2016, but again, that’s only my guess. 

The most interesting part of this news is that the game will also be coming to the PS4. I wonder if the first and second game will be coming to PS4 as well. Even though there is a sequel, Danganronpa 1 and 2 really feel like one game split up into two parts. There are six chapter in the first game, not counting the Prologue, and the prologue of Danganronpa 2 really feels like Chapter 7 of the first game. Obviously, I know nothing about the story of Danganronpa 3 yet but I assume that If you jumped right into the third game without any knowledge of what happened in the first two, you would be completely lost. 

Either way, I am a huge fan of visual novel games and as soon as I started playing Danganronpa, I was instantly hooked. I had the same feeling playing this game as I did with 999. I started the game at around 9PM. Next thing I know, I look at my clock and it’s almost 2AM. There are constant twists, turns and mysteries in the Danganronpa games and they feed you tiny bits of info regarding said mysteries constantly as you play. Once they hook you, they never let you go until the credits end. I cannot wait for this game. 


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