PS4 and Xbox One pre-order goodies for Divinity: Original Sin

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After an award-winning year-and-a-half run on PC, Divinity: Original Sin is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 27. It’ll be called Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition (you fancy huh?) on console. Couple things, though: 1) there will be platform-specific pre-order bonuses, and 2) all pre-order bonus stuff will be availabe for purchase, after the game’s release, across all platforms. 

With that in mind, every pre-order gets the Last Trick Bag. It contains:

  • Grumio’s backpack 
  • Pamphlet of recipes 
  • 3 x Grumio’s Cotton Candy Dye
  • 2 x Grenades ingredients 
  • 1 x Inert wand 
  • With these ingredient, you can create:
    • Scales of Steel grenade
    • White Dragon Wand (with an Ice Wall skill)

Sadly, none of this means much to those of us that haven’t played the game before. Is a pamphlet of recipes useful? Are grenades ingredients so hard to come by? Is that White Dragon Wand a game changer? Who knows. But sure, thank you, developers.

Looking at the platform-specific stuff, PS4 owners get everything listed above in the Last Trick Bag, plus the Secret Trick Bag which has ingredients to create:

  • Eye of the Patriarch grenade
  • Blue Dragon Wand (with an Invisibility skill)

And Xbox One owners get everything listed above in the Last Trick Bag, plus the Forgotten Trick Bag, which contains ingredients to create:

  • Breaching Fire grenade
  • Silver Dragon Wand (with a Teleportation skill)

Again, thanks for the pre-order goodies, guys, but we all know perfectly well that your game will be perfectly playable without this stuff. And us console players have no concept of how valuable Invisibility is over Teleportation, or vice versa. But thanks.

Again, Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in about two weeks, on October 27. Regardless of these pre-order bonuses, I’m looking forward to the game.


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