Red Faction: Guerilla free this month on Xbox 360’s Games with Gold

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Don’t put down the Halloween candy just yet, but Major Nelson revealed November’s Games with Gold, and the selection looks tasty for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. 

Xbox One gets Volgarr the Barbarian with its 16-bit art style and simple two-button gameplay. He’s an indie-built, sword-swinging, spear-throwing tough guy with plenty of platforming challenges to double jump around, and lizardmen to ‘splode into bloody, bony bits. Not gonna lie: the artstyle is middling and the move sets feel reigned in.

Xbox 360 gets two games. The first half of the month is a free download of Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. Anyone that’s played the first Viva Pinata finally has an excuse to revisit the ol’ garden with its adorable animals and, frankly, very creepy human gardeners.

The second half of the month, though, is when the 360 gets Red Faction: Guerilla, inarguably referred to as The Best Red Faction. Released in 2009–a year that also released stunners like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bayonetta, Borderlands, and Dragon Age: OriginsRed Faction: Guerilla still managed to nestle itself into a soft spot in many a gamer’s destructive, sandboxy heart. It does for the sledgehammer what Gordon Freeman does for the crowbar.


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